So, why are you doing this?

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‘Mom, why are you doing this?’, asked my 21-year old daughter. ‘You look so fit and athletic.’ Thank you! But, the fact is, my weight’s up a little, I’ve lost some muscle mass, and these things show up on camera. People make decisions based on a lot of factors: content, value, applicability, and, likability and a sense of affinity.

‘You shouldn’t have to look a certain way to demonstrate your expertise. People should be listening and watching what you’re teaching, rather than judging your body.’

I know, hon, but I need to look the part. ‘But you DO look the part.’ Well, yes, except when you can see my clothes cutting in. ‘So what? Women are too trapped in trying to look perfect. We need to take a strong stance on our capability, our smarts, and our expertise.’

You are right. And, people judge by how you look, and I’d like to reach as many runners as possible with this program. I don’t want one flicker of hesitation that I’m a runner (= lean), I cross train (= muscular), I’m an excellent coach and this program will help them stay injury free and enhance their performance.


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