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What’s the big deal? We used to skip every recess as kids (girls) and thought it was so much fun, right?! Double Dutch, skiiers, skipping to rhymes and songs.

Have you skipped lately? Ahem, neither had I! The first few tries were rather bad, I have to say. Skip about 8 times, then catch a toe. Reset. Skip about 12 times, catch a toe. What-the? I found it helped to look at a blank wall, rather than watch myself in the mirror. After the first couple of days, I settled in, yay!

I know skipping will push my cardio and totally wake me up! So, I set the goal to skip 2 minutes the first day, and increase by a minute every day til I was skipping 10 minutes per day. Seems do-able on paper, no? Now I can skip for 2 – 3 minutes at a time. I’ve been fitting skipping in between workout circuits, feels great! It does push your heart rate a bit, I figure I’m in about Zone 2 (70 – 80% heart rate max).

I haven’t done the skipping every day (did it 4 days last week, which is a lot considering I was starting from zero). I love the challenge! And I do think it’s helping my running, especially doing hills. I’m keeping track of it, as well as my food diary. Now food – that’s another day’s blog!

Try adding some skipping into your routine, and let me know how you feel!


2 thoughts on “Skipping

    1. Sandy LeBlanc Post author

      You can totally air skip, D!! And have lots of fun with it: Skiiers (side to side), split strides, 1 leg, double time! Set a goal for 1 minute and then add a little more each time! Keep me posted ~


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