So, why are you doing this?

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‘Mom, why are you doing this?’, asked my 21-year old daughter. ‘You look so fit and athletic.’ Thank you! But, the fact is, my weight’s up a little, I’ve lost some muscle mass, and these things show up on camera. People make decisions based on a lot of factors: content, value, applicability, and, likability and a sense of affinity.

‘You shouldn’t have to look a certain way to demonstrate your expertise. People should be listening and watching what you’re teaching, rather than judging your body.’

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What’s the big deal? We used to skip every recess as kids (girls) and thought it was so much fun, right?! Double Dutch, skiiers, skipping to rhymes and songs.

Have you skipped lately? Ahem, neither had I! The first few tries were rather bad, I have to say. Skip about 8 times, then catch a toe. Reset. Skip about 12 times, catch a toe. What-the? I found it helped to look at a blank wall, rather than watch myself in the mirror. After the first couple of days, I settled in, yay!

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Those Dark Chocolates

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I have to admit, I am LOVING my workouts! I’ve found I need to do three sets of everything, and tend to do exercises in a mini-circuit of three. Now to the real game-changer . . . nutrition.

I don’t have a sweet tooth, lucky for me! But . . . I realize that I have something pretty much the same, and that is a craving for starchy carbs (one step away from sugar). They’re just so easy and satisfying, no? Mmmm, a piece of rye toast with butter. Or the Egg & Cheddar breakfast sandwich at Starbucks (instead of Oatmeal, which is much better but you can’t eat that while driving). Okay, there’s another confession, I don’t always eat mindfully. Who am I kidding? Most days, I’m slipping in food between classes & clients. Continue reading

Beautiful Sunday Run

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Didn’t really want to get out of bed this morning, but Run Club is at 8:30 and I have the maps! It was a lovely morning for a 10k run, just a light dusting of snow, down into the Humber Valley near Old Mill, then UP Old Mill and thru the Kingsway. Such beautiful homes, and it sure looked like everyone there was still in bed! Continue reading

I’ve Made a Decision

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Day 1

I’ve made a decision. I need to focus my own health and fitness. 8 weeks.

I had a bit of a reality check this January. My weight has gone up almost 5 lbs since the end of the Half Marathon training season, last October. Clothes are fitting tighter. I’m running slower. I’m getting soft, losing definition. Yikes, time to take back the reins! Continue reading