Being a Life Connoisseur

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Think for a moment about the wine connoisseur in your circles. There’s usually one at every party – you know, the person who knows how to swirl and sniff their wine and then go on into great detail about grape variety, tannins, bottling techniques and their latest wine trip adventure.

You can see the passion when they talk. They aren’t just pulling on knowledge and experience, there’s an excitement that comes from deep, heart-felt curiosity.

What if we could learn to live our lives like that?!

“Slow yourself down enough so you can see and hear and sense with your heart . . . not just your eyes, ears and mind.” Barbara Fredrickson

  1. Better Choices

To be a wine connoisseur, one must first sincerely love wine, and develop the palate. They sniff, observe, swish the wine around in the mouth instead of shooting it down the back of the throat. If we could apply this to our lives, we might make better choices about how we spend our time, and with whom we spend it. Then we can focus on experiences that we truly enjoy, and that are self-concordant.

  1. Study

Someone who’s a wine geek will have invested in educating themselves, thru on-going study & exploration, spending time, energy and expense. So should we! Never stop learning! This study doesn’t have to be formal (altho nothing better in my book than taking on a short course in something that’s on the bucket list). Embrace an attitude of digging down, listening with the heart, and applying the mind.

  1. Share

I don’t know which part wine connoisseurs like most; making the discovery of nuance and flavor, or sharing this experience with others?! This can be the experience of a life connoisseur as well. Slowing down and finding deeper, more meaningful layers within our daily life will shift our mindset. We’ll begin to appreciate what we do have, rather than craving things that we don’t have. And when we live in this manner, it rubs off on others. You notice when someone’s living a heart-centric, mindful life, don’t you?! This can be yours too!

“Appreciate the Good, and the Good will Appreciate.” Tal Ben-Shahar

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