Beautiful Sunday Run

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Didn’t really want to get out of bed this morning, but Run Club is at 8:30 and I have the maps! It was a lovely morning for a 10k run, just a light dusting of snow, down into the Humber Valley near Old Mill, then UP Old Mill and thru the Kingsway. Such beautiful homes, and it sure looked like everyone there was still in bed!

Other than the run, Sunday is my day off from training. Here’s my exercise plan for the rest of my week.

MONDAY: 1 hour of tennis, 75 minutes of Iyengar Yoga, 5 min skipping

TUESDAY: 45 minutes of resistance training (with a couple of tabatas), 6 min skipping

WEDNESDAY: 1 hour of tennis, 7 min skipping, 5k steady run

THURSDAY: 45 minutes of resistance training, 8 min skipping, 4 hill repeat run (about 5k)

FRIDAY: 9 min skipping, massage

SATURDAY: 10 min skipping, 75 min Boxing class

Next Sunday, I’m planning on a short resistance workout after the run, focus on upper and core.

Let me know any comments, suggestions or questions!


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