Working out at the gym

Oh, the DOMS.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. You’ve become a familiar friend. And I say friend because I embrace you! It means I’ve trained my muscles well, just enough to feel sore for a day or so. That means progress! (Interesting that it’s always my triceps and my hamstrings that complain the most.) On to the foam roller, yoga therapy balls, stretching, self massage, Epsom baths, massage therapy – these are also my friends. If you’d like some direction on foam rolling and stretching, please see my videos on YouTube (sandyfitjourney).

Secret to anonymity at the gym: Wear a baseball cap. And ear buds. No-one talks to you, no eye contact, it’s great! Especially good if you’re near that person who’s wearing the same workout gear from yesterday, you know what I mean. Continue reading “Working out at the gym”